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Welcome to the unofficial IQOptions website for the Stornoway Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centre (MRCC), better known as Stornoway Coastguard. The site is written, maintained and paid for by the staff at Stornoway Coastguard, with contributions from the Coastguard Rescue Teams within the district.
The website was originally started to assist with the campaign to stop the threatened closure of the MRCC in 2010 and will now provide useful information about the MRCC and the area which we guard.
The website will be undergoing alterations over the coming months so please keep coming back to see what's new. If there is anything that you would like to see on the site then please use the contact form to IQOption put forward your suggestions.

Stornoway MRCCCoastguard Rescue

The Coastguard station in Stornoway maintains a 24 hour watch over the Northwest of Scotland and the Northeastern Atlantic Ocean.
The staff respond to all types of emergencies including calls from vessels in distress or needing assistance, walkers and climbers on the hills and mountains and the mainland, medical evacuation of NHS patients from remote areas, investigating reports of vessels or people overdue to assisting the other emergency services when call upon.

Aside from the emergency response we also provide weather and navigational information to shipping with regular Maritime Safety Information Broadcasts every 4 hours throughout the day, these include the latest Inshore Waters Forecast and current Gale Warnings for the area. Twice a day we broadcast an enhanced Maritime Safety Information (MSI) broadcast which also includes the Shipping Forecast, Subfacts (for submarine activity), navigation warnings and the 3-day Fishing Forecast (October to March only).
As well as this we monitor and take transit reports from vessels over 300 gross tonnes which IQ Options travel through the Minch. These vessels make four radio reports to us at set locations during their passage through the area, including the Traffic Separation Scheme at Neist Point, Skye.
More details can be found on other pages of the website.

Area of Operation From the 18th December 2012 the operational area of Stornoway MRCC covers the approximate area from the Gulf of Corryvreckan, West to 30° West, North to 61° North, East to 5° West and South to Cape Wrath.
This area includes all the Scottish mainland coast and sea lochs between the the northern tip of Jura and Cape Wrath, the Caledonian Canal as far as Fort Augustus, all of the Outer Hebrides and the Inner Hebrides north of Jura.

Stornoway MRCC also has the capacity to temporarily extend the area to the South, having access to remote radio sites which are normally under the operational control of Belfast MRCC. This is designed to assist Belfast MRCC during busy periods or a major incident, to take some of the routine calls and relieve some pressure on the Coastguards in Belfast. Likewise, Belfast MRCC are able to do the same and take control of some of the remote radio sites normal operated from Stornoway.

Driver Training

Area Map

Area Map

Maritime Safety Information Broadcasts There has recently been a change to the broadcast times for some of the remote radio sites on Mull and around Oban.
Stornoway Coastguard now transmits the MSI Broadcasts on the Glengorm (North Mull), Torrosay (Southeast Mull) and Tiree aerials.
The times of the broadcasts have also changed for these areas and there is an announcement of VHF Channel 16 at 01:10 local time and every three hours there after.
More information about the location of the remote radio sites and their MSI broadcast channels can be found on the "MSI Broadcast Map" page.

Stormy Seas

Stornoway Forecast

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